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Sustainability was the starting point for the beginning of this project.

The use of natural resources to satisfy present needs, reserving the environment so as not to compromise the natural resources of future generations, is a focus in the daily life of Herdade do Ananás.


The hotel is 100% autonomous in the use of irrigation for its gardens and pineapple greenhouses. All the water that falls on the roofs, balconies and greenhouses of Herdade do Ananás is stored in a tank that later allows watering the gardens and pineapple greenhouses. Fruits grow in our orchards that grow only with rainwater, without the addition of chemicals. In addition, we naturally fertilize the land in our gardens and greenhouses.

The hotel's decoration is a combination of furniture that already exists in the family home that gave rise to the hotel. Existing furniture was purchased and other furniture was reused from other local houses and restaurants, guaranteeing the soul and history of Herdade do Ananás. Curtains are not used throughout the hotel, favoring the use of existing shutters, in order to reduce the ecological footprint, avoiding unnecessary washing of fabrics. We favor natural light, so all rooms have more than one window. All artificial lighting uses LED systems.

We educate our customers to reduce water consumption, disposable plastic (no plastic straws are used in the hotel) and reuse towels. We do not use fabrics during meals at Herdade do Ananás in order to reduce washing and use of detergents. The body wash consumables available in our restrooms are refillable. A sustainable attitude also involves including national and local suppliers and entities in the tourist experience, in order to contribute to the development of the economy.

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